In the Meantime…

•August 31, 2006 • Comments Off on In the Meantime…

Well, when I haven’t been working, I’ve been gaming once again. Soon to come is a game server, woohoo. If you know me well enough, you’ll know which game. Otherwise, stay tuned to Avalonstar.


All Pink and Stuff

•August 20, 2006 • 1 Comment

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten some sun, and needless to say – I think I got more than enough today. It’s about 73 degrees in the house right now and I’m feeling pretty warm to say the least. Skin’s pink, and I KNOW it’s going to peel. God damn, two things I don’t like about the beach – the sunburn and the sand (like getting into your shoes and stuff).

On the other hand, I have to say that I did get smacked by some pretty large waves today. I guess that’s what I feel like I’ve been beaten up by a flurry of Russian wrestlers.

The Hotness

•August 16, 2006 • Leave a Comment

This could change over time, but the fact that they have a hot-or-not site for web design is a little odd. Nevertheless at the time of this entry, Avalonstar is 4th on the hot list. I love people. :)


•August 16, 2006 • 1 Comment

Ever since I was a whee-little designer, I’ve wanted to be featured on Styleboost, and guess what? ;) Oh yeah, seems my entry is the center for off-topic discussion. I love it. :D

PS: Flock’s on there too.

My Squeaky Kitty

•August 13, 2006 • 5 Comments

Just watch it. :)


•August 10, 2006 • 2 Comments

I hate it, but sometimes… especially in my new position, it’s part of the job. It still sucks though.

506 Pieces of Fun

•August 7, 2006 • 1 Comment

I got a new “toy” two nights ago.

The Technic Set

Yeah, I feel accomplished.