Return to Dance

Really trying to get back into Dance Dance Revolution. It’s been hard after being away from it so long, trying to go while at Facebook and failing miserably, etc, etc. So I went with Stammy and Phil Freo to Milpitas Golfland last Saturday to check out the new SuperNOVA machine they had. I liked the new song choices – there were a lot of old favorites as well as ones to check out. Paul happened to take a video of me dancing to “V (for Extreme)” doubles/expert. So I’ll just put that right here.

There happens to be a tournament on the 11th at the same place. It’ll be the first time in a long time that I’ll be going to one of these. You’ve probably seen my older videos at Avalonstar, but those are obviously 3+ years old.. you know, when I was still, 20. It’s been about 2 years since my last tournament, so it’ll be interesting to see if this 23-year-old still has it in him.

If you’ve never heard of freestyle or don’t know how it’d be judged, here are the criteria usually applied at any given freestyle tournament.


Judging will be based off of five (or six if couples/groups) categories: Preparation, Style, Originality, Interaction, and Complexity. Couples and groups will also be judged in a sixth category, “Synergy”.

  • Preparation: How prepared the routine looked (this includes, but is not limited to how the person’s body and face looks while performing).
  • Style: How the style of the freestyle routine fits the song.
  • Originality: How original the routine is.
  • Interaction: How the person interacts with the audience and judges (i.e. does he perform for the audience/judges or for the machine or ground?).
  • Complexity: Did the player use basic movies when s/he was able to “do more” with the steps of the song s/he selected?
  • Synergy [Couples/Groups Only]: This category will only be judged for couples/groups. This is based on how well the duo/group interacted with each other (are they together, are they not supposed to be together, etc.)

So, I have about 11 days. Don’t know how much I’ll actually get to practice, but I am pretty much decided on the song. Does this sound familiar? Either that or a song named “A Stupid Barber” that I’ve wanted to dance to, but I don’t have the song on hand.

~ by Bryan on July 31, 2006.

2 Responses to “Return to Dance”

  1. DDR, eh?
    I tried a Dance Dance Revolution machine once. Unfortunely my coordination is crap so I failed pretty hard.

    Speaking of dance mats, if you’re into electronic music you should listen to a nice song made by the swedish band Ninjaspark (eng: Ninjakick) titled “Dansmattan” (eng: The Dance Carpet). You can find it here ( and more over at their site (


  2. Seriously? I didn’t know you could use both sides of the machine like that. And how can Avalonstar get mad, when you’re always wearing it’s shirt like that?

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