Mmm, smells raw.

God damnit, I don’t need another blog. But then again, I need to post content that would never see the light of day on Avalonstar, at least not in this point in the game. Things have gotten really serious over there, and I guess I can’t risk ruining the reputation that it has gotten over the past few years with my mindless ramblings. Who knows what might come out of this, but all I know is that whenever I can’t post something there, I’ll post it here.

Look at it this way, you’ll actually see one-liners from me, because I don’t have a layout to ruin. And, you know, since I now… work for Automattic, I should be putting this blog to better use. So you want to know about what really goes on in my head? Then I’d keep this place bookmarked if I were you. And make sure not to tell Avalonstar anything about this, we have a very delicate relationship.

~ by Bryan on July 31, 2006.

One Response to “Mmm, smells raw.”

  1. Mmmm. Raw & Scrambled Blogging. Good luck keeping it all together

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